The Sagano Vertical Garden

Meet today's most versatile modern gardening system

Our unique growing system maximizes small spaces, so you can enjoy cultivating a healthy, vibrant garden — anywhere!

Easy to assemble.

"The vertical garden fits my needs very well since I have limited outdoor space. It's very easy to assemble and high quality. I plan to bring it indoors in the fall for my house plants."

– Luciana C.

Just what I needed!

"This is just what I needed. I live in an apartment with a small deck and this allows me to enjoy a variety of plants with minimum upkeep."

– Rose M.

My garden is thriving!

"I’m loving this planter! A colorful combo of flowers, greenery, and herbs are thriving."

– Patty P.

An instant-gorgeous garden.

"Boring patio be gone. Our cement slab turned instantly gorgeous with the Sagano vertical garden. So good we had to buy three!"

-Ronny N.

Sagano Makes It Simple To Grow A Thriving Garden

Easy to Assemble & Move

Supports A Variety of Plants

Detachable Planters Make Growing Easy

Elevate Your Gardening Experience

Because Sagano keeps your garden elevated, tending to your plants is easy. There’s no weeding, no bending, and no reason to get your knees dirty. 

Plus, plants love the light, well-drained soil.

Save Space In Style

Sagano occupies only 2’ x 2’ of floor space, so you can enjoy clutter-free gardening with plenty of room to grow.

Stress-Free Plant Protection

Sagano's stacked, vertical system also protects your plants and reduces the risk of damage from common garden diseases and insects.

Enrich Your Space With Ease

Meet Sagano

Whether you're a plant pro or a new plant enthusiast, the Sagano Vertical Gardening System is the perfect, versatile solution for any space, growing style, or experience level.

Get Growing: Where To Start With Sagano

Versatile & Convenient

Sagano's large planters will easily grow plants 16-24” tall. The smaller planters do best with varieties that grow 12” or less.

Beautify Your Space

Combinations of flowering annuals, ferns and grasses create a beautiful display of color on the patio, around the deck, or poolside.

Find Your Garden Style

The Sagano Vertical Gardening System was designed to grow fresh herbs and vegetables (but our gardeners soon found even more plants to enjoy)!