Sagano Garden in Terracotta

What's Included
Perks & Benefits

Loved by growers

Optimizes plant health

Small space friendly

Competitively priced

A Practical Approach To Plant Care

When it comes to setup, Sagano keeps it simple!

The Sagano Vertical Garden only takes 5 minutes to assemble, and doesn't require a power source or any additional tools. The stacked planters easily detach, making it easy to re-home your plants as they grow or add new ones to your garden.

Also, Sagano's rolling base makes it easy to move and position your garden wherever you'd like — indoors or outdoors.

Brighten & Beautify Your Space

Accessorize your space with nature's brighest colors and boldest flavors! Whether you're growing a flower garden, sprouting succulents, or planting the perfect harvest, Sagano enhances any space with the best that nature has to offer.